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About Flipt™

Here’s Who We Are & What We Believe:

We’re an innovative ad technology company dedicated to creating a better option for Real Estate Agents. We've created a proprietary technology you just can't get anywhere else - this puts (for the first time) the power of big data and hyper-targeted local advertising in the hands of any agent. You don't need to figure out the maze of online brand awareness tools, we've got that covered for you.

Founded by Andrey Nokhrin, a Real Estate Broker for many years, Flipt is dedicated to filling the hole that Andrey discovered in the advertising landscape for Realtors: Namely, targeted ads served to homeowners only. There's plenty of tools out there meant to help you win buyers, this is the first tool of it's kind meant to help you win listings. Start leveraging big data in your marketing plan for 2015. 

Our mission is to help agents win listings. Period.

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